Rock with Michael Godard Halloween Weekend at Rocktoberfest

Known as the “Rockstar” of the art world, Michael Godard puts a whole new spin to the game. There’s a good chance you’ve seen his art and an even better chance you fell in love with it. In case you’re wondering, he’s the artist who does the olive paintings in the coolest way possible and has become quite popular for it.

Have you been wanting to meet the man in person? Well now’s your chance. Godard (and a few of his friends) is hosting a Halloween party the weekend of October 29th-31st in Las Vegas at his gallery with artists including Stacey WellsTevor Stickel, and of course, Michael Godard. If you’re into edgy art and are going to be in Las Vegas for Halloween, this event is definitely a must.

Click here to see the Facebook event page and here to get the details on his official website.

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